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Are you a young adult with anxiety or depression looking for holistic psychotherapy services in Pasadena or Los Angeles, CA? Natalie Moore is a somatic (mind/body/spirit) therapist who specializes in helping creative millennials with lofty goals who don't want to be held back by fear and self-doubt.


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Get in contact with a licensed mental health therapist in Pasadena & Los Angeles, CA who can help you with anxiety, depression, life transitions and other presenting concerns that are getting in the way of you being your best self. You can quickly and easily book a free phone consultation with a therapist right now.

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  • $180 per 50-minute session

  • $220 per 70-minute session

Although I accept private pay only, many PPO insurance companies will reimburse for some of the cost of therapy delivered by an out-of-network provider. I can make what's called a "superbill" available for you to submit to your insurance company, upon request. To avoid the hassle of submitting claims to your insurance company, consider using an app called Better that takes care of it for you.

If your insurance company asks you which CPT codes will be used, you can tell them 90791 for the first session, 90834 for 50-minute sessions and 90837 for 70-minute sessions.

If you require a therapist who in your insurance network or provides a lower fee, I recommend that you either 1) call the number on your insurance card and ask for a list of in-network mental health providers, 2) filter results on PsychologyToday based on your insurance carrier, 3) find out if New Day Psychotherapy Group takes your insurance or if they can provide a pre-licensed therapist at a lower fee or 4) consider a lower-fee counseling resource such as Rose City, The Place Within or Open Path.



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427 S Marengo Ave #5
Pasadena, CA 91101


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427 S Marengo Ave #5, Pasadena, CA 91101