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427 South Marengo Avenue #5
Pasadena, CA, 91101

(323) 558-2055

Are you a young adult with anxiety or depression looking for holistic psychotherapy services in Pasadena or Los Angeles, CA? Natalie Moore is a somatic (mind/body/spirit) therapist who specializes in helping creative millennials with lofty goals who don't want to be held back by fear and self-doubt.


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Office address

427 S Marengo Ave Ste 5
Pasadena, CA 91101


There is 2-hour street parking available on both the east and west sides of S Marengo Ave. There is also parking on the north and south sides of E Bellevue Dr with no time limit.

Please do not park in the lot behind "Tree of Life Healing," nor on Evanston Pl, as this is private property. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

When you arrive

Look for a collection of seven cottages with off-white exterior and green trim, centered around a garden courtyard. As you walk down the steps, follow the path to your left and we are the cottage all the way to the back and to the left. We are in suite #5 and there is a small sticker on the door that says "Tree of Life Healing."

If you arrive early and the front door is locked, you can wait on the patio seating until I arrive. If the door is unlocked, feel free to come in and help yourself to water and tea, if you please. The restroom is straight down the short hall, if you need it.

Our cottage is so small that there is no need to buzz or knock to signal that you have arrived. I will hear you enter and come greet you. So simply make yourself comfortable.

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