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Are you a young adult with anxiety or depression looking for holistic psychotherapy services in Pasadena or Los Angeles, CA? Natalie Moore is a somatic (mind/body/spirit) therapist who specializes in helping creative millennials with lofty goals who don't want to be held back by fear and self-doubt.

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How Much Does Therapy Cost?

How much does private therapy cost per session in Pasadena, CA? How much money do mental health professionals in the Los Angeles area charge for psychotherapy services? Fees for service for out-of-pocket sessions range depending on the education, experience and qualifications of the psychotherapist.


FEES for therapy

For individual adults, couples, families, adolescents and children, my fees are:

  • $150 per 50-minute session
  • $200 per 75-minute session
  • $225 per 90-minute session

For individuals, I recommend 50-minute sessions weekly.

For couples, it is a personal choice as to how long of a session you believe would be most beneficial to you. Some couples are able to gain what they need from a 50-minute session weekly, whereas other couples feel at 50 minutes like they've "just gotten started." We can discuss session length in the phone consultation.

Although I accept private pay only, many PPO insurance companies will reimburse for some of the cost of therapy delivered by an out-of-network provider. I can make what's called a "superbill" available for you to submit to your insurance company, upon request.

Session fees are due at the time of the session and are payable by cash or check made out to "Tree of Life Healing."

If you require a therapist who in your insurance network or provides a very low fee, I recommend that you call your insurance company for a list of providers or you take a look at this blog post for local resources that may meet your needs.

frequently asked questions

What do the terms "M.A." and "Associate" mean? M.A. stands for Master of Arts and Associate indicates a Marriage and Family Therapist who is pre-licensed. An Associate MFT holds a master's degree in psychology  earned in two to three years  and is working toward becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). Associate MFTs gain clinical experience during a graduate school practicum  which spans one year  and continue to gain clinical experience post-grad for a total of 3,000 hours (which commonly takes three to six years to complete.) Associate MFTs also must pass a California Law and Ethics exam while accruing experience hours. MFT licensure culminates with the passage of the California Clinical Exam.

What are your treatment orientations? Some terms to describe my treatment orientation include: Existential, Humanistic, Somatic, Sensorimotor, Integrative, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, Transpersonal, Relational, Emotionally Focused, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Attachment Focused, Buddhist Psychology and Trauma Focused.

Are you accepting of alternative lifestyles? Yes. My approach is sex positive, LGBTQIA affirmative and body positive. I'm also accepting of alternative styles of parenting including attachment parenting, non-violent parenting, home schooling, unschooling, choosing to avoid vaccines and utilizing Eastern healing practices (e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, etc.) for children.

Do you work weekends to accommodate people's work schedules? Yes, I do. Please call to inquire about current weekend availability.

More questions?

Give me a call or shoot me an email and I'll be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


Natalie Moore, M.A., Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #IMF77612

Employed and supervised by Chris Tickner, MFT #42576

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