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Are you a young adult with anxiety or depression looking for holistic psychotherapy services in Pasadena or Los Angeles, CA? Natalie Moore is a somatic (mind/body/spirit) therapist who specializes in helping creative millennials with lofty goals who don't want to be held back by fear and self-doubt.

Ep 6: Choosing love over fear


We're here to inspire you to tap into the Infinite Well within you — a deep source of resilience and intuition — to be your own healer and your own expert in life. Are you ready to be tuned in to alternative ways of viewing wellness, relationships and abundance? One that acknowledges our wholeness and our innate ability to heal ourselves? Listen in!

Ep 6: Choosing love over fear

Natalie + Kate

Hey Infinite Beings!

Welcome to episode 6! We're thrilled you're here.

Here’s the breakdown:

01:09 Natalie shares that the most influential book she’s ever read is Gabrielle Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back.

04:44 Natalie talks about how school conditions children to fear failure.

05:45 Kate shared the existential crisis she had at 16. And her teacher told her to take a breath.

06:38 Natalie describes that her teen clients are stressed out and oversubscribed and that her adult clients are have a hard time maintaining boundaries at work and doing self-care out of fear of being fired.

10:21 Kate gives an example of how it can be tricky to know if you’re choosing love or fear. She states that “sometimes it’s self-love you’re choosing…maybe you can choose a loving alternative…there’s always an option C.”

12:11 Natalie shares about confronting fear and scarcity in her private practice. She states she’s thought “Who am I to think that I’m different or special?” and falsely buying into the “saturated market” myth. She catches herself and asks herself “Am I [doing that] because that’s what I want to do, and is that being guided by love and wanting to help and give back and support in that way, or is it guided by fear of not being able to do what I really want to do, the way I really want to do it? And when I ask myself that question […] it’s always based on fear, it’s never based on love. […] And then because that’s the case, I have to go back inward and do my internal work and ask myself what needs to shift in my internal world so that my external world will change?”

14:46 Kate makes the point that once you know what your gremlins are, you can notice your re-occurring thought pattern.

15:39 Natalie states that the mind will try to convince you otherwise when you’re choosing fear. You have to put your foot down with your mind and say “I’m gonna let my heart and spirit lead.”

16:06 Kate describes re-committing to your dream, to love, when the logic gremlins come with tons of reasons why you should stay in fear and in the comfort of the devil you know. Kate says “You alone can know if that is contradictory to your dream […] The voices of reason and logic are going to get louder and louder […] and try to keep you safe […] the closer you are to busting out of that pattern and breaking new ground into that loving space.”

17:35 Natalie tries to quote Thich Nhat Hanh. Here’s the original: “People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.” Natalie says “Living a life that is based on love is unknown. And people will say that you’re naïve, they will call you pollyannaish, they’ll say that you’re wearing rose-colored glasses, they’ll call you a cock-eyed optimist, they’ll say that well you’re too young to know.”

18:10 Kate says “It’s always a bad economy to quit your job and go out on your own.” “No one’s ever going to be like “that’s the best idea I’ve ever heard!’”

18:51 Natalie says “When you start living an authentic life it holds a mirror to other people who aren’t.” People will get uncomfortable and feel threatened when you self-actualize because it reminds them that they aren’t doing that.

20:05 In your daily life, when are you noticing yourself choosing love and when fear? Kate turns the question on Natalie to buy time. Natalie calls out that therapists are really good at turning the question back on the other person.

21:48 Natalie says “When my behaviors were being guided by fear, it was ‘oh no, bad things are going to happen, people are going to get sick, people are going to be unhappy,’ and I felt like it was my job to change people or control people or to make them healthier or make them happier or make them better in some way. And choosing love for me is forgiving people, accepting people exactly as they are. And I can be a model. If I’m living an amazing, happy life and I’m glowing all the time, people are going to be like ‘I want what she’s having. Let me do what she’s doing.’ Or not, or maybe they don’t.”

24:20 Natalie discloses that she and Kate got into a spat recently.

25:00 Kate finally gets around to answering the question — Raw Ceremonial Cacao as a helper and potent tool for releasing walls around her heart and coming back to love.

Without further ado, here is episode 6 of the Infinite Well podcast! Enjoy.


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