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Are you a young adult with anxiety or depression looking for holistic psychotherapy services in Pasadena or Los Angeles, CA? Natalie Moore is a somatic (mind/body/spirit) therapist who specializes in helping creative millennials with lofty goals who don't want to be held back by fear and self-doubt.

Ep 8: Understanding burnout


We're here to inspire you to tap into the Infinite Well within you — a deep source of resilience and intuition — to be your own healer and your own expert in life. Are you ready to be tuned in to alternative ways of viewing wellness, relationships and abundance? One that acknowledges our wholeness and our innate ability to heal ourselves? Listen in!

Ep 8: Understanding burnout

Natalie + Kate

Hey Infinite Beings!

This is a topic near and not-so-dear to our hearts…BURNOUT! Episode 8 of the Infinite Well podcast — “Understanding burnout.” We delve into:

  • The tell tale signs of burnout

  • Kate and Natalie’s respective burnout stories

  • How burnout is generally glamorized as “hard work” in our society

Here’s the breakdown:

02:33 Kate says that after grad school she “got b*tch slapped by life”

03:45 Natalie makes the “empty tank” metaphor to describe what happens when you burnout and even if you make a drastic life-change like quitting your job, there’s still a long process of getting back your energy reserves

04:27 Kate describes the fear of being burned out again, “burnout re-injury”

05:26 Kate uses the “pulling up the blinds” metaphor

06:19 Natalie uses the “spinning plates” metaphor

07:43 Kate says that getting married opened her eyes to her burnout. She says “I’m not going to bring this misery into my marriage”

08:56 Natalie says our body’s wisdom “it starts as a whisper”

10:14 Kate says she asked herself “what advice would I be giving my clients?”

12:23 “Natalie describes burnout as a physical and psychological phenomenon where you are overworked, overburdened and overwhelmed by the different life responsibilities that you have.

15:40 Natalie speaks to how our society is chronically burned out and speaks to how a couple of generations ago there was much more separation between work and home life.

17:53 Natalie speaks to 1) wishing your life away, i.e. “I can’t wait until…” 2) not seeing burnout as a bad thing 3) thinking that getting sick often was normal 4) priding herself on her “go-getter” attitude and 5) having relied on being young to get away with burning the candle on both ends.

19:29 Article referenced — “The Tell Tale Signs of Burnout…Do You Have Them?” by Sherrie Bourg Carter Psy.D., published on

23:41 Kate and Natalie at the exact same time say “herculean strength” to describe what it takes to move your body when you’re burned out

24:22 Kate shares that her therapist brought to her attention she might be suffering from adrenal fatigue

25:15 Kate explains what SIG-E-CAPS (signs of depression) stands for: Sleep, Interest, Guilt, Energy, Concentration, Appetite, Psychomotor, Suicidality

26:15 Natalie describes her experience of situational depression and how that was her lightbulb moment in which she realized that she was burned out

29:12 Kate and Natalie both speak to the difference in temperament and how that impacts one’s predisposition to burnout

31:15 Natalie describes how she thought that being burned out but continuing it on would get her some type of metaphorical badge of honor

33:01 Kate speaks to how when you deny emotional and spiritual needs long enough eventually it can manifest as physical illness or even death

33:43 Natalie says it’s hard to explain to other people your decision to leave a toxic job

35:22 Natalie starts to butcher a quote in French and then resorts to the English translation: “What’s essential is invisible to the eye” from Le Petit Prince. She gets a little help with the Fred Rogers connection from this article in Daily Stoic.

Without further ado, here is episode 8 of the Infinite Well podcast! Enjoy.


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Kate Sullivan [left] is an Empowerment Coach and Natalie Moore [right] is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Both were raised in Northeast L.A., enjoy hiking and speak Spanish fluently. Kate likes coco-almond milk and Natalie prefers hemp.