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Teen Self-Help Series: Part II — 5 Tricks to Help you Wake up in the Morning

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Teen Self-Help Series: Part II — 5 Tricks to Help you Wake up in the Morning

Mia Tanner

Today's post is the second in a 2-part series for teens, by a teen. This Teen Self-Help Series is written by Mia Tanner, a senior at South Pasadena High School. Mia is an aspiring psychologist and has a passion for learning about topics in psychology such as brain physiology, addiction, anxiety and depression. Her second article is intended for those teens who have a tough time waking up for school in the morning. Check out this article for some great tips.

As a high school student, with all the stress of school work and trying to have a social life, it can become hard for us to feel rested enough to wake up easily in the morning. Many students take naps, stay up late studying, or waste time on their phones looking through social media websites into the wee hours, making it challenging to get the rest we so desperately need. Here are a few tips that will help you get up in the morning (and get to bed earlier too!)


1 | Brighten your room

In the morning it’s hard to get up and turning on your room lights will help wake you up. When you keep your lights off while trying to wake up it makes it more difficult because you are so comfortable in bed as well as in the dark that it doesn’t help you wake up but instead it helps you fall back asleep. Turning on your lights allows you to slowly wake up while still being comfortable in bed. Another tip that is useful, if you have shades in your room that keep the sun from shinning through, open them and allow the pretty sunlight to slowly wake you up.

2 | Play uplifting music

Listening to music is a great way to help you wake up in the morning. Creating a playlist with music that helps you get pumped up will help you get out of bed and make getting ready for the day more enjoyable. It not only helps you get up and get ready, it also put you in a better mood for the rest of your day. 

3 | Drink chamomile before bed

Many people have a hard time falling asleep at night, which is a cause of why they can’t wake up in the morning. Having warm chamomile tea 30 minutes before bed helps relax you and induces that sleepy felling you need to help you fall asleep at night. Getting a good nights rest is definitely a plus when having to wake up the next day.

4 | Shut down devices

At night before you go to bed it is a good idea to put away all electronic devices 30 minutes before your bed-time. Having time to yourself without electronic devices allows your brain to slowly wire down and allow you to start falling asleep. The light that is given off through computers, phones, etc. is called a blue light, which signals your brain to stay awake even though it is late at night. If you have an iPhone and you want your phone beside you at night, turning on “Night Shift” emits a different type of light that doesn’t keep you up.

5 | Make yourself accountable

At night when you’re getting ready for bed, write down in a journal the time that you want to wake up the next morning and why. It allows you to keep personal accountability and will make you feel good when you accomplish the goal of getting up and starting your day.  If you need extra help with this I recommend this journal that is specially made to help people wake up earlier.

Getting the right amount of sleep is an essential component of caring for our physical health and well-being. Getting too little or too much sleep can affect our energy levels, our body fat storage, our ability to learn and many other factors. Getting to bed at a reasonable hour and waking up early can be a challenging task. Finding a method (or methods) that work for you will make all the difference so that you can get through the day without constantly feeling tired. It will also allow you to be in a better mood on those days when you have a lot to get done. Even when it't hard, don’t give up and continue to try new ways to get that much-needed restoration. Best of luck!