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Hi! I’m Natalie, a holistic psychotherapist in Pasadena, CA who helps young adults decrease anxiety naturally through somatic practices. Are you looking for a therapist in Pasadena who has a mind/body/spirit approach to helping people reduce their anxiety? Then give me a call to see if I’m the right fit to help you achieve peace, joy and freedom from anxiety.

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Life Transitions

Young adults go through all types of life transitions — whether it's moving to a new city, making a big career leap or deciding to buy a house, get married and have children. Holistic psychotherapy can help you navigate the ambivalence, fear, doubt or uncertainty that can go along with huge life shifts.


Whoa! There's a lot going on.

Transitions are challenging – big moves, career changes, unexpected break-ups, new children, and all kind of other events can make big waves in a person's life. It can make you feel like you've lost your footing for a while.

You deserve guidance.

Whether you've had a big transition or are thinking about one, I imagine you could use some guidance at this time. Maybe you need grounding, mental clarity around a decision, or empowerment to stand up and ask for what you deserve.

Therapy helps.

Speaking to a therapist can help you make sense of what's shifting in your life and how to adapt to new circumstances. Therapy can also give you some perspective so you can make decisions that are true to your vision and values.

Reach out.

You're here for a reason and part of you knows that it's time to reach out for support. Hey, there's no shame in seeking help. It actually takes lots of courage. Why not give me a call? I'll be happy to answer your questions.


Natalie Moore, M.A., Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #IMF77612

Employed and supervised by Chris Tickner, MFT #42576

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